I’m running for City Council to be a part of the change I want to see for my hometown.

I am running to amplify the voices of all communities in District 7 and Austin.

As the truly progressive candidate, I’ll eliminate the status quo and fight for change inspired by the voices of the people.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a newcomer to the Austin political scene. My background is in community advocacy, and throughout my career, I’ve focused on serving, supporting, and empowering people through education. My commitment to community service is driven by the fundamental belief that, with access to opportunities and resources, everyone can thrive and positively contribute to their community. Everyone deserves equitable access to prosperity. 

Helping others is a fundamental part of who I am. Did you know that education is a top contributor to lifting people out of poverty? In college, I took a life-changing class called “Educational Inequality in America” that revealed this insight and made my calling in life crystal clear. I went on to earn a BS in Education and a BA in Spanish linguistics from Southwestern University, as well as an AA in Psychology from Austin Community College. I started my career as a K-12 Spanish teacher before moving into Adult Basic Education, where I worked with diverse groups of people teaching professional skills, GED, and digital literacy for English language learners. With my transition into the education tech space, I helped college and universities equip students from all walks of life with the skills and resources to successfully navigate their academic journeys. I’m now a Bilingual Education Advisor helping companies worldwide achieve financial inclusion and transparency. In addition to my mission-driven work, I’ve also devoted countless hours over the years to volunteering with under-resourced populations as a mentor and instructor.

Now, as a born-and-raised Austinite, I feel a strong connection to our iconic city — but I’m no stranger to the long-standing inequities or the growing pains of the last few decades that have left many feeling unrepresented and unwanted. Over the years I’ve watched my city grow, and, like many others, feel that I’m being pushed out of my hometown. Being a teacher and a renter means I’ve struggled with rent and the hours fighting traffic driving 50+ miles every day to get to work. And I know that this trend disproportionately harms communities of color. 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that because of policies implemented by City Council, not everyone in Austin has access to the same opportunities or resources. City leaders don’t represent all of our voices. They have failed to address skyrocketing housing costs, our deficient transportation system, and the profound racial and wealth inequities that underlie them both. The poverty, crime, and homelessness we see are direct symptoms of these policies. These problems impact all of us, and I’m frustrated to see so many I care about struggling to thrive in this city. It’s compelled me to stand up for and represent the voices of all communities. I believe that we deserve better than this and am determined to fight for what Austin needs.

A little more about me… I rent an apartment near Balcones District Park. In my free time I once enjoyed things like competitive axe throwing, special movie screenings at local theaters, pub trivia, metal shows in the Red River Cultural District, and any opportunity to try a new beer or cider at a local brewery. More recently I’ve spent a lot of time reading, bingeing absurd British comedies, utilizing my rad baking skills to raise money for local music venues, and helping folks affected by the pandemic with job searching and soft skills development.